If you collect used clothes, secondhand clothes, vintage, stitch or other names. That’s good, we’re in the same arena🥂 cheers. It’s the same on the shores of Lake Toba, Medan, North Sumatera. We also have our own names burjer / monja / rojer / rombengan and kenlap.

And you’ve probably heard of Burrjerr. We have been the main destination to find unique fashion since mid 2021. Starting from Tomtom’s hobby as our head hunter. The focus is on experimenting with shoes, clothes, and other types of fabric. And most importantly stay creative and fun.

Finanlly, we are open to hangout🍔, hunting together or even running away with like-minded people ❤️.

Happy selling . trading . collecting

Head Store: Burrjerr
Danau Toba - Balige, Medan, Sumatera Utara, Indonesia
IG Burrjerr
Admin: Tomtom, Sari, Lastry, Gloria

Second Store: Burzer - Second Branded Original
Kota Jakarta Barat - Cengkareng, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
IG Burzer_
Admin: Daniel, Dean